Book Lovers, Unite!

Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over... | Photo by eclectic / eccentric.
That sudden realisation when you turn the last page of the last chapter… | Photo by eclectic / eccentric.

Today’s post is going to be a laidback topic and a relaxing read because I figured that I may have gone quite wordy over the past few weeks. So today, we’ll round up the week with a Top 10 List. Let’s see now, what would you put in your Top 10 List? Top 10 Places to Leave Your Footprints At, Top 10 Restaurants to Stuff Your Faces At, Top 10 Hotels to Slumber At, Top 10 Cafes to… Ah, you get the point.

No, my Top 10 List today is for avid readers like you and me. Call it what you will — bookworms, book lovers, book hoarders, bookish folk; we’re all one and the same. We love books and we enjoy reading. My Top 10 List today is all about the bookish problems that us, readers, constantly face:

Top 10 Bookish Problems that readers face:

  1. Never realising how many books you have until you have to move them.
    • What happens after that?
    • Do you give some away or hoard them like a crazed bookish girl / boy?
  2. There is no such thing as too many books.
    • A long line of books waiting to be read?
    • No problem, let’s buy some more and make sure we never run out of books to read.
  3. Dreaming of a job that pays you to drink coffee and read books all day.
    • This will be THE best job ever!
  4. Torn between going out with friends and reading on Friday nights.
    • Should I paint the town red or turn my imagination into a rainbow?
  5. Traumatized by the pain and suffering that the characters in your book endured.
    • OMG I need to curl up and cry right now…
    • Or maybe take a break from reading and then continuing later…
  6. Can’t decide what book to read despite having many books to choose from.
    • Should I read about World War II?
    • Should I read about the Japanese Occupation?
    • Should I read about young adults falling in love on the bus?
  7. Desperate to talk to someone about your book but the person has never read it before.
    • You’ve got to read it because I need to tell someone and you’re my BFF!
  8. Can’t believe that you’ve finally finished reading that book!
    • Oh no! It’s done? It’s over? That can’t be! I’ve only just begun…
  9. You tell yourself this every night: “Just one more chapter, and I’ll go to bed.”
    • No really, just one more chapter…
    • And then the sun rises.
  10. Falling in love with a character, only to realise he isn’t real.
    • Wow, he’s so dreamy…
    • He’s so charming…
    • He’s such a dreamboat…
    • Oh wait, he’s just a character. Sigh.

So, my question to you is: Which one hits you the most?

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