Nature’s Best; Finest Perfection.

The grass is green on both sides. | Photo taken by the author.
The green, green grass of home, where the grass is green on both sides. | Photo taken by the author.

Local travelling is just as good as international travelling because in both cases, you will come across places that you have never seen before, and learn a thing or two about that place. Now imagine if you’re revisiting the country or state, but instead of going to the same old places, now you try looking for something new. That euphoria you feel when you finally discover new places to visit.

That was how I felt and how I feel every time my husband and I drove back to Ipoh. We’d go back only when there is a long weekend holiday (normally punctuated by public holidays that fall on Fridays and Mondays). It’s like a road trip, only longer. Ever since we got married, we’ve been back to Ipoh four times now. And each time is special because each time we’re there, we’re doing sightseeing at new and different places. I have an uncle and auntie living in Ipoh, which makes it easier on our accommodation budget. We’d crash at their place over the long weekend. Sightseeing is easier too, because they’d do their own research before taking us out on long drives throughout the entire state, on the lookout for good food to eat and good places to see. In return, we’d try to pay for whatever meals we have.

Most of our trips head up-north, sometimes almost touching the tip of Penang, another state in the Malaysian peninsular. Many times, on our hour-long drives, we’d pass through small towns and villages surrounded by lush green surroundings and untouched nature. It’s these places that are the most relaxing and peaceful because there aren’t many people residing there. And these are the places that have the best landscapes and scenic views for photography. Like the view above. I can’t remember what the name of the village was but it was really scenic. There was a lake, surrounded by lots of trees and grassy banks. A small playground on one side, with a few stalls to eat. It was good. It was great.

No matter how many times I visit Ipoh, I doubt I will ever get sick of the place. Because it doesn’t just have good photographic opportunities but it is a place for people to enjoy good and authentic dishes. So even if one day, we head there and find that we’ve run out of places to visit, we’ll just go and relax for the weekend and enjoy the food.

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