Undetected and Disconnected.

Network: Lost and disconnected. | Photo by Kingdom's Embassy International.
Warning: Network is not detected, connection is not found. | Photo by Kingdom’s Embassy International.

I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual, but what do you actually feel when your network disappears and you realise that you just lost all connection to your tech devices? For me, I actually feel as lost and disconnected as my devices. If my devices could feel and talk, they’d be complaining nonstop about the instability of our connection.

For the past two days, my laptop has suffered from a loss of network and company intranet connection, which left me in a pickle (and a very sour one too!) because the company reports that I generate come from the social media platforms that I manage and oversee daily. Without the consistency of a stable connection, loading the social media pages is a pain in the neck, lower back and ass because they all take forever to appear. Especially Facebook. Twitter works just fine. Then again, I’m not entirely sure that the fault lies with the network because the pages load up just fine when I paste the URL into Google Chrome. I use Firefox browser at the moment for most of the things I do.

Using a different browser would be the solution that I’d take to avoid cursing and cussing at Firefox for not loading up my social media pages. I’m not talking about being online and posting updates for my friends to see. This is social media reporting that I’m highlighting and it’s what I do on a daily basis, so can you imagine sitting here and staring at the white screen with a rotating gear in the middle of your screen, to show that the pages are still loading? Worse, it loads up anyway but you won’t know whether it’s completely all there, and when you try to do something, you find out that your document was not uploaded, your connection to server is lost and you have to do everything all over again. Now that’s just plain rude! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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