Put Your ROI on the Social Scale.

Measuring your social media metrics for a positive ROI. | Photo by Steam Feed.
Monitor and measure your business’s social media metrics for a positive ROI. | Photo by Steam Feed.

Is it just me or does anyone find the topic on social media measurement and metrics rather confusing and difficult to understand and comprehend?

I’m sure there are many Social Media Administrators, Managers and Consultants out there who have to go through the hassle of Social Media reporting and analytics at every month-end. The numbers you plot on a daily basis. The data you draw up on a monthly basis. The insights you study year after year to know if you’re doing things right. And whether your business pages have improved, too! Yet, these information are what drive businesses to do better and compete with their rivals. You need to know if your posts are reaching out far and wide to build a huge fan club and get more new fans.

This is what I do, day in, day out. Every hour of the day, I’m constantly and consistently monitoring my company’s social media platforms. Every week and month, I churn out reports to measure our performance. Every so often, I amend, update and revamp the reports to be able to present and explain to our editors and contributors. It’s a pain in the neck, literally, and occasionally my head and eyes. Sometimes you miss a number, other times you forget to check the insights for that one day and you find that your overall totals are messed up.

Ooh, it’s a back-breaking, stiff-neck, head-cracking, eye-soring (unofficial word I invented) task. Yeah.


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