Petr Cech-s in for Arsenal.

From Stamford Bridge to the Emirates Stadium - Goalkeeper Petr Cech to the rescue! | Photo by
From Stamford Bridge to the Emirates Stadium – Petr Cech to the rescue! | Photo by

Every tabloid, every newspaper, every form of media is singing the praises for Petr Cech, former Chelsea-turned-Arsenal goalkeeper. The 33 years old Czech Republic shot-stopper agreed to a long-term move to the Emirates Stadium from Stamford Bridge for an undisclosed fee. Rumour has it that the move was so he could be closer to his wife and children, and because their home was closer to where Arsenal is.

The reason for the praises is related to the recent Arsenal vs. Liverpool match on early Tuesday morning (Malaysian time) when Cech made fantastic saves to prevent another humiliating loss for the Gunners. Brendan Rodgers’ team invaded the Gunners’ half of the pitch with endless attempts to score a goal and take all three points. At the end of the game, Liverpool had to settle for a point after Cech ensured that his new team was not going home empty-handed.

I took the liberty of watching the Arsenal-Liverpool match highlights just to see what the hubbub was all about. Truth be told, the fact that Petr Cech had to make so many fine saves was because his teammates were blundering fools on the field. I have lost count of how many times the players lost possession of the ball and stupidly passing the ball to the Liverpool players. Where were the defenders in the mess? Why weren’t the midfielders setting up goals for the strikers? According to reports, Liverpool outplayed Arsenal in the first half of the match.

Yes, I may be an Arsenal fan, but I can’t stand much for the idiocy and stupidity of the team if they fail to play like the Top Four team they claim to be. If they wanted to showcase their fancy footwork and long ball passing skills, they should have results to prove their worth. If not, just play ball like every other team and move forward.

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