Hello, How May I Help You?

Today’s post is a short take on customer service and how good it feels to leave the past behind… until the past caught up with me. And then I’m back to answering phone calls on my manager’s behalf when she’s not at her desk.

maxresdefaultUpon signing the contract as a Social Media Administrator for a publishing company, I thought that I have finally ended my stint as an administrative executive and left that position behind for good. I’ll be frank with you, I don’t particularly enjoy answering calls and attending to questions and queries that seem to come with endless “Why’s?”. I don’t have the patience to listen to customers go on and on about how they can’t find the solution to press any key to start. “Where’s the any key?” asked Homer Simpson (click link to see short episode clip) when he decided to work from home one day.

Have you experienced any of the sort before? I’m sure you have. Nobody is immuned to stupid people (unless zombies have eaten your brains, then maybe you’ll get a bathroom pass). That pretty much sums up my past work experiences. The biggest challenge comes when you’re trying your level best not to laugh while they explain the issues they’re facing. Hello operator, please transfer call to the insane asylum, thank you.

Disclaimer: This post is not to insult or offend anyone who has worked in the Customer Service line. There are many who succeeded. And then there are those who opted out like I have. If you have served intelligent customers all your life, congratulations. For those who bore the brunt of verbal abuse from customers, I know what it feels like.


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