Cat Cuddle Sessions.


It has always been a trend I noticed with my cat. Once he’s out of his room, he would dash from one end of the condo to the other end as if being chased. He enjoys sneaking up to our washing machine to investigate the strange noises coming from it. Or he would try to leap and catch the wiry ball attached to a wooden bat. Sometimes, he would bury his curious kitten nose into our smelly bedroom slippers. I’m still not sure what he finds so ridiculously tempting in those slippers!

But the one thing that was consistent about him was the moment he’s tired out from his kitten adventures, he would look for a cosy lap to curl up and suckle himself to sleep.

You see, he had been weaned off his mother’s teats a little too early. So now as a replacement, close enough to resemble suckling teats, he would suckle a soft part of his belly and knead anything that’s in his way, be it your hands, legs or thighs. He could go on and on for hours, until your legs fall asleep and your inner thighs get sweaty from having a warm body in snuggled up in between.


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