Operator, My Phone’s Not with Me.

What you look like when you left your phone at home. | Photo by QuickMeme.
When you realised that you forgot to bring your phone. | Photo by QuickMeme.

My Friday morning kicked off pretty well after my alarm woke me up. I was early, I was excited about getting in to work (because, hello, it’s Friday! TGIF, people!). I got dressed, gulped down some fresh milk from the fridge, and happily skipped out the door in my sports shoes. I waltzed down the parking ramp to my car, started the engine and went on my way to work. As I cleared the first ramp on the highway and met up with traffic, I touched my jeans pocket…

And realised that I had left my phone at home!!! Oh, the horror of horrors! How could I have been so forgetful? It was supposed to be a good Friday too!

Long story short, I made a turn at the underpass to get home to get it. In the midst of my rather messed up morning, I got caught twice in mad traffic going home and going to work. I ended up reaching the office late because, guess what? I left my phone, this time, in the car at the office parking lot! I was about to order my daily morning cuppa from McCafe when I realised (again!) that my phone wasn’t in my pocket! Oh lord, I was so frustrated with myself! How could I let it happen to me twice in one morning, and within the span of an hour too!

All this shenanigan would have been a-okay with me if it wasn’t for the time-sensitive task that I was supposed to settle at 9:00am. I ended up clocking in at 9:20am, all hot and sweaty and feeling kind of stupid. My manager reminded me about the task, which after catching my breath, I fired up my laptop to get stuff done. I had my coffee with me, but I did not have time to grab some breakfast. Here’s to hoping for an early lunch break!

Seriously, my Fridays have not been going well. Last Friday, I was a prisoner in my own home. The Friday today, I left my phone twice (once at home, once more in the car). I hope next Friday is better.

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