Corrupted: Man and Machine.

Men at Work: Repairing a corrupted hard drive. | Photo by Recovery Software.
Men at Work: Repairing a corrupted drive (reminds me of Lego). | Photo by Recovery Software.

The word ‘corruption‘ does not just refer to a person’s personality or habit. For an individual to be corrupted, it can lead to a domino effect of causing others to be just as corrupted and the rest to be affected by the corrupted individual and his or her gang of corrupted members. It’s an inception of corruption.

But ‘corruption’ can also mean the state of your tech gadget, namely the internal hard drive of your computer or laptop, or any hardware in your smartphone, tablet or phablet. That word itself can drive someone up the wall and make a person panic.

I’m pretty damn sure nobody is immuned to corruption, be it your behaviour or your gadgets. It’s easy for an individual to become corrupted. And we’re talking about large sums of money (Malaysia is currently facing a national unrest due to a political figure’s agreement to accept a large sum of money from a Middle Eastern country). It is either due to a financial reason, or some other forms of payment that allows one person to stay ahead of his fellow countrymen.

But is it easy for a computer hardware to get corrupted? Unless you are a hardcore Internet user who prefers to download everything for your entertainment (music, movies, games, porn, etc…). Otherwise, why would hardware get corrupted? I was in this corrupted situation yesterday. All I did was log in to my company’s website and open a Microsoft Word document to do my work. These two tabs were the only ones opened on my laptop, when all of a sudden, the laptop crashed and rebooted several times before refusing to start up at all. No blue screens of death, thankfully, but it was enough to send me on a rough tumble-downward spiral. My mistake was not to make a backup copy of everything I’ve ever done at my company. Half a day later, the IT guy assigned to reviving my laptop successfully recalled and recovered all my files and documents! I’ve never felt so relieved! At least now I don’t have to redo all the reports for my manager. Now that I’ve got my laptop back, I’ve since dumped all my work into Google Drive just to make sure that I’ll never have to go down this road again.

How about you? Have you ever found yourself in this situation before? And if you have, what did you do? Were you the ‘Man of the Moment’, rescuing a ‘damsel in distress’ like myself, or were you the one looking for a hero?

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