EPL 2015: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace.

Alexis Sanchez waves to the crowd after scoring Arsenal's second goal against Crystal Palace. | Photo by IB Times.
Alexis Sanchez celebrates after his header was turned into the net by Crystal Palace. | Photo by IB Times.

Arsenal’s full-time match results of 2-1 over Crystal Palace imitates a similar situation back in February 2015, when the same 2-1 results catapulted them to third place in last season’s Premier League match. The goalscorer was the same, one and only, Olivier Giroud. In February 2015, Santi Cazorla was the second goalscorer. This time around, Alexis Sanchez’s header was accidentally turned into an own goal instead by Crystal Palace defender, Damien Delaney.

I did not watch the match, but judging from the reports and from the video highlights that I saw a few minutes ago, the match wasn’t as ground-breaking as I thought it would be. From the looks of it, Arsenal had created many chances to score more than the two goals they scored last night. But it was so typical of the players to want to be as close as possible to score. That in itself caused many of the Crystal Palace players to catch up and defend their positions. Why do they still do that, I have no idea. After all, Arsene Wenger has acquired many excellent international players for his team.

The first goal came courtesy of French striker Olivier Giroud, whose halfway, scissor-kick attempt saw the ball bounce off the grassy field and into the back of the net. Prior to that, Alexis Sanchez had spurned a chance to go one-up over Crystal Palace when he was in the all-clear and very much ahead of the rest of the players. He could have let one loose as there were no other player between him and the Crystal Palace goalkeeper. His desperate effort to go closer allowed the ball to be cleared off the goal line by his opposite number.

Crystal Palace pulled one back through Joel Ward after yet another typical display by the Gunners. It is a repeat performance by Wenger’s men to let their guard down after scoring a goal. Why they don’t barge and bulldoze forward like Manchester City and score more goals before settling into a comfortable spot, I have no idea, again. Perhaps it’s how Wenger has trained his men to play.

Luck came in the form of Crystal Palace defender, Damien Delaney, after Alexis Sanchez’s header was unfortunately turned into an own goal for the player. Arsenal should be winning the match in their own rights, not because someone accidentally kicked the ball into his own net. Winning a match by luck at the expense of another player is not something I’d associate to sincere victory. But, in this case, I’d take anything to see Arsenal clock a win finally in this new EPL season.

Time to move forward, boys!


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