Books on Impulse.

Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl & Eleanor and Park book set. Photos by A YA Book Blog and Sarah Laurence.
Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl & Eleanor and Park book set. Photos by Books for Birds and Sarah Laurence.

I don’t often buy my books from MPH, Border’s or Times Bookstore because their prices per book can be quite expensive. RM35.90 for a book is considered expensive, especially since they have warehouse book sales nowadays where books go for prices as low as RM8.00. I’d fall for those prices hook, line and sinker! But if I happen to buy a book from one of the three bookstores, I’d justify my purchases as “I’ve been looking for them for a long time now” or “Everyone’s talking about them so I just had to get them too!”. Yeah, labels.

So you can only imagine when I walked into MPH Bookstore one day at Nu Sentral, and within ten minutes, I found the books I’ve been looking for (Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, and Eleanor & Park book set) for a long time now (actually, it was more because the other bookworms whom I follow on Tumblr have been gushing about them), and just like that, I bought them. Without the slightest moment of hesitation. I took them, I paid for them, and I walked out the store with them.

At least now I finally can have a break from the monotonous absoprtion of war and suffering brought on by my rather morbid and macabre choice of World War II literary fiction.

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