Coffee Variants, Personal Opinions.

Many independent cafes have been mushrooming all over Klang Valley and in other popular cities such as Malacca, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Penang. These cafes provide more than just specially-brewed coffee, from the ambience and atmosphere to the wide selection of pastries, cakes and other food-based items on their menus. While each cafe is unique in their own sense and identities, there is a downside to ordering a flat white, cafe latte, or a macchiato here. The price per cup can be quite detrimental to your bank account. Well, at least that’s what I face every time I walk into a cafe. A latte and an Americano, and perhaps two slices of cakes can easily flush away fifty ringgit! That is a lot of money to me.

But these cafes are seen as saviours to the local public. They provide a variety on top of the existing large chains of coffee companies. Starbucks Coffee, and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf remain popular favourites. But the coffee culture and industry in the United States are reversed. I did a case study on Starbucks Coffee in my final year of my business degree and discovered that the Starbucks stores in the US are not as popular as they are here in Malaysia! And the strangest part is — Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s are the two biggest rivals for Howard Schultz’s big coffee chain company!

Coffee brews at McCafe. Photo by McDonald's.
Coffee brews nice and hot at McCafe. Photo by McDonald’s.

For RM4.00 (rough estimation), I can get a small cafe latte and a complimentary latte foam art. At the price of RM12.00 (rough estimation), I have myself a tall cafe latte at Starbucks. The difference is that I could have three small lattes at McCafe for the price of a Starbucks latte! That’s a “latte” coffee in one sitting!

A variety of coffee beverages (and photo) by Dunkin Donuts.
A variety of hot and iced coffee beverages (and photo) by Dunkin Donuts.

I’ve not tried a coffee from Dunkin Donuts but I have a colleague who proclaims his loyalty and love for the coffee here, and he says it is much better than Starbucks and McCafe! I can’t vouch for him but seeing as he comes in to work with a bag of DD breakfast and coffee, then it must be safe to say that it is worth every cent he pays for it.

Me? I prefer McCafe. Just because it is more affordable for a cup of coffee and I’d like my bank account to be intact at the end of every month.

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