Time to Converse.

Converse in black and white. Photo by Favim.com.
Converse in black and white. Photo by Favim.com.

For many years since learning of its existence in Malaysia, I’ve tried (and failed on many attempts) to convince my mum that Converse is wearable by both men and women. To my mum, the design and colours look very much ‘male’ (although I’m not so sure how she got to that conclusion, though, mothers being mothers, to them, shoes should only be worn when playing sports). No matter how much I tried to persuade her otherwise, that there was a female version of the Converse, that it could be as useful as the other brands out there, all my pleas fell on deaf ears.

Fast forward those years and here I am, sitting at my desk, furiously typing out this post on my laptop at the office in hopes that nobody would catch me here. This is me at work. I type for a living. I pull reports for a living. I exist on social media for a living. And all this “living” is finally going to pay for my decision to buy a pair of Converse with my own salary. I am now able to do what I failed to do so many years ago.

Mum, I know your views on Converse still remain what they were many years ago. But I’m a big girl now. And I can make my own decisions (and pay dearly for them too!). So… Converse stores, here I come!

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