My Husband: The Kleptomanic

USB Pens with Stylus Models by USB Biz Cards (
USB Pens with Stylus Models by USB Biz Cards.

Walk into any clinic, post office, or government office and you will find a pen provided for the convenience of their patients or customers. These pens are usually attached to a mass of rubber bands tied at each end to form a long thread to secure the pens to a clipboard or a holder which also happens to be attached to the surface of the desks with a strong double sided adhesive. This is to prevent ‘pirates’ from trying to nick the stationery. But very so often, I find that some of these pens have either been yanked off its point of security, or placed in front of the customer when he or she requests for one. The latter is due to the trustworthy nature of the customer service officer seated behind the desk.

And it is usually at this very moment when my husband uses the pen, and deems it to be a very handy and useful companion to him, just because the ink, when written, comes out in one smooth swipe of the nib. No white lines, no smudges, no side effects. That’s when you get home after running all the errands that you realise there’s been a new addition to your dining table.

“Hello, you look familiar *picks up pen*. Haven’t I seen you somewhere today?”


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