Technology at Your Fingertips

Everything is just a fingertip away. Photo by Merchant Technology Marketing (
Everything is just a fingertip away. Photo by Merchant Technology.

That was then.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a modest terrace home where she grew up and was constantly surrounded by books, words and pages.

Books have always been my constant companions for a long time now. I usually wind down after a hectic day at work with a chapter or two in bed, and sometimes more, before I sleep. It makes me feel at ease and relaxed, takes my mind off other stressful things, and allows me to escape reality and into a world of fantasy.

This is now.

A new era of technology is now within easy reach. At one’s fingertips. At the drop of one’s voice. At the top of one’s mind. It is called the smartphone. You can do so many things with a smartphone. Your choices of relaxation now has endless possibilities. You can access the World Wide Web. You can download or purchase applications. You can install games. You can watch movies. You can listen to music. Heck, the smartphone has already overtaken laptops and netbooks as the next big thing!

And then, there came an alternative to the smartphone. It is called the tablet or phablet (phone + tablet). Now everyone can do even more and ever more with a tablet and/or phablet! By then, the habit of reading has dropped down the pecking order. Reading had always easily been my No. 1 go-to relaxation kit at home. Now I have a smartphone and a tablet. And every night, I flit from one thing to another, wondering which one should I use to chill with. It is sad that we’ve all reached this stage.


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