Cactus for Your Desk.

I've always wanted to add some colour to my work station, perhaps a dash of green or a collaboration of soft pastel colours that are gentle to my eyes after spending hours staring at the harsh light of the laptop screen. But I never know what type of plants are suitable for the office and … Continue reading Cactus for Your Desk.


One ‘Marriage on the Rocks’, with an ‘Affair on the Side’.

Multitasking is not new to me. Yet, neither is it my strength. I don't enjoy multitasking because I make more errors and my concentration wanes from task to task. But more often than not, I don't have much say in it, and I don't have a choice either. Depending on what the tasks are, I … Continue reading One ‘Marriage on the Rocks’, with an ‘Affair on the Side’.